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What are Winter Mites?

Winter Mites are small insects that reside in lawns and cause damage to turf, either harming or entirely killing the grass; they are extremely prevalent in Colorado. They are especially common during winters where there is low precipitation and mild temperatures.


How to Identify Winter Mites?

Winter Mites commonly occur near south and west facing areas of buildings. They are small (typically not seen with the naked eye) green/red mites, and they can be identified with a magnifying glass by examining dry or dead areas of your lawn. Although they do not bite or harm humans, they can infest buildings and leave red stains, ruin household items, and transmit diseases. Eggs from the previous season hatch around mid-October, and continue hatching into the late winter.


Mites will infect blades of grass and eat up all the nutrients, resulting in brown, dead grass. To this point, it is important to proactively treat them, but you should also be careful not to misdiagnose them, and only spray miticide when necessary.


How to Preemptively Treat Winter Mites

You should target exposed areas of your lawn with semi-annual Miticide spray that can be purchased at your local home supply store or online. Avoid spraying during wind, and target areas that are shaded, dry, and close to buildings. Additionally, watering these areas a couple times a month during the winter can help reduce mite infestation as they do not thrive in moist/damp areas.


Please refer to our Winter Mite Control service page and blog for Winter Mite control for further information and treatment options. Our technicians are experts in identifying current and future infestations without damaging your lawn. We target Mites in a four-stage spraying process to ensure that all eggs and live mites are targeted in a comprehensive eradiation.