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What is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn?

Every new homeowner has the same thought — what time of day should I water my lawn? Fit Turf is here to shed some light on this question and review some of the tips and tricks you can use to get that lush green lawn that is beautiful to behold and helps to improve your property value.


When to Water my Lawn

You want to water your lawn at a time when the moisture will be most effective so that your grass gets the hydration it needs and so that you’re not wasting money on wasted water. To get the most moisture for your buck, try to water your lawn in the early morning. By doing so, you’ll avoid the heat of the day which causes quick evaporation, and you’ll also be taking advantage of what is normally the most wind-free time of the day so that the droplets don’t get blown off course. What you absolutely don’t want to do is water your grass in the evening. Leaving water to sit on your lawn overnight creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus that can destroy your grass.


How Much to Water my Lawn

You want to water your lawn for long enough that the moisture can reach a depth of no less than 6 inches into the soil. The length of time this takes can vary greatly from yard to yard depending on your particular soil composition, so the best way to figure this out is to turn on the sprinklers and then every 15 minutes take a shovel and lift up a patch of ground. Once you can see that the water has reached down to at least 6 inches, you’ve discovered the proper length of time to water and can use that for all subsequent watering times.


Best Types of Sprinklers

There are two main types of sprinklers: oscillating and pulsating. Pulsating sprinklers are generally used for in-ground sprinkler systems and tend to provide the lawn with a more thorough soaking. Don’t have an in-ground sprinkler system? Not to worry — you can simply attach an above-ground pulsating sprinkler head to a garden hose and move it around the yard accordingly.


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