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Count on Fit Turf to relieve you of worry and free up your time for the important things in your life. We’ll watch over the health of your lawn – month after month all year ’round.


Whatever the weather, the latest threatening disease, or current insect activity, Fit Turf will react and respond with just the right mix of treatment and tender loving care. That’s what customer service is all about!

The Fit Turf Difference

After dealing with cloudy skies, cold, and snow during the winter, the spring and summer should be your time for you to enjoy outdoor fun rather than worrying about your lawn and landscape maintenance. Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to worry about working on their lawns. Fit Turf is here for you.


Fit Turf specializes in lawn and tree care as well as weed and pest control. Our commitment to you means more than coming to your home once in a while to spray and leave. If your area is susceptible to the latest plant or tree threatening diseases, our technicians will preemptively react with the perfect combination of treatment and expertise.


Our technicians are friendly, helpful and are always available to answer your questions. You can rest assured that all custom feedings will be applied to your lawn and not to your driveway. We also offer free service calls and online communication 24 hours a day.


Our locations in Metro Denver are located in Centennial and Broomfield respectively, giving us the ability to service Denver and all of the city’s key suburbs. Our technicians are local to the areas they serve so you can be sure that they are very familiar with the types of grasses that grow in their regions and the variety of species of weeds and bugs that need to be eradicated. Our mission is to do the right thing, all of the time.