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Fit Turf has rescued my dad's lawn from extinction! The technicians have come by every month and applied the treatments I ordered, and the lawn looks great! I have spoken twice to someone in the office, and they were professional and pleasant both times. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Great customer service, reminders before they arrive, and a packet of information left every time explaining what they did and how to take care of it. Have recommended them personally already.

Fit Turf delivered on their promises. They were here when they said they would be, the treatments to my trees for Leaf Curling Aphids is working, and the lawn treatment is going great also. Bart was very pleasant on the phone. The technicians/arborists that have been out always leave reports of what was done, what I need to do, and most importantly, what they see that I may want to have taken care of or what they see that could be a potential problem. This is the best decision I have made, and the value for the price is fantastic. Great job!

I used to do the lawn myself until Fit Turf took over and it has never looked better! Now I have the extra time on the weekends to spend with my family!

I won’t use another company! I have never found better customer service! Would recommend to anyone!

They do a good job of keeping my weeds out of my lawn. They give it the proper food and offer suggestions for improvements. I like Fit Turf.

I have been with Fit Turf for 5 or 6 years. I am so pleased with their service. I get the full treatment every year. My grass always looks so good and if for any reason I have weeds that should not be there, they come out again and re spray. Fit Turf stands behind their product. Their prices are within reason and because they back their product, I never have to worry about weeds or dull looking grass. The customer has many services that they can utilize, from insect spray, fertilizer, and many other services. If something is not right, all I need to do is call and they come out and rectify the problem right away. I have used many lawn companies through the years and when I found Fit Turf , I knew I had found the right company and could relax and enjoy myself and let Fit Turf take over. As you can tell, I highly recommend "Fit Turf

I have had Fit turf for about 5 years an they have never disappointed me. Very reliable people.

Rescheduling with them is an extremely easy, very helpful and very professional. Accommodating to any need.