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We were so impressed during our first project that we engaged them to do maintenance the entire year.

Just wanted you to know that my yard looks a lot better.  I can really tell the difference and wanted to thank you.  Let's hope it keeps getting better and better.  So glad TruGreen is gone.

I started having Fit Turf take care of my lawn at the end of last summer. I had several dead spots and couldn't figure out what the problem was.  Fit Turf came out, diagnosed the problem and had the lawn looking better before summer was over.  This spring I decided to have them take care of the yard for the whole season.  Already, I have the greenest yard on the block!

Fit Turf has been treating my lawn for quite a few years now. Great service for weed control. I did interrupt the service one year, thought it would be more convenient to have the lawn mowing service take care of all the lawn needs, but the weeds returned. So, I went back to Fit Turf for the weed control. They do a great job.

I hesitantly signed up for services after receiving an unsolicited sales call.  Though pricier than the poison your lawn companies, the conversation was personal.  It didn't seem scripted and I have heard lots of pitches.  My lawn was weedy with bald patches.  Let me unequivocally state that they have transformed my lawn.  I got their season treatment package plus I had core aeration and over seeding.  Honestly for about $500 it was the best investment I made.

Truly as good as it gets.  Fit Turf treated me with incredible VIP lawn care service.  They certainly did not disappoint.  First and foremost, the fertilizer and weed killers are as legit as it gets.  My lawn was lush green in about 2-3 weeks.


The staff and managers were prompt to each appointment and provided one on one guidance for my specific lawn care needs.  For instance, I called in one day and one of the staff members broke down in detail pre/post mowing strategies and watering strategies to maximize impact.  And it all worked!  They even came back to check in a couple weeks later to see how things were going.  They treat my lawn like it's their own lawn, and that's a great feeling.


Thank you, Fit Turf!