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Nobody wants weeds – but keeping them out of our yards is sometimes easier said than done. If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to remove weeds from your yard and keep new ones from springing up, this is the page for you. Here, our weed control professionals have provided a resource center on weed control for lawns of kinds. Need professional service? Read on to learn more about the many weed control services we offer for properties in Colorado. 

Nurturing Your Lawn

One of the best ways to prevent weed growth in your lawn is to strengthen your lawn itself. By providing your lawn with the care and nurture it needs, you will help strengthen its resistance to invasive species growth. Lawn-strengthening steps all property owners should take include: lawn wateringleveling and aerating your soil and properly raking matted grass. Those with trees in their yard should also learn the proper tree-watering technique, in order to keep trees strong and prevent weed growth around their bases.


Removing Weeds the Right Way

When it comes to weeds, sometimes pulling simply isn’t enough. That’s because most weeds have large root systems and seed quite prolifically — which means that no matter how many you pull, more will likely fill their places. A truly-effective weed control program treats weeds from every angle, pin-pointing their growth patterns and applying chemical solutions in targeted areas to not only remove weeds, but stop new ones from growing as well. At Fit Turf, we take this comprehensive approach to weed control to ensure that our clients’ lawns thrive weed-free and healthy year-round.


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Interested in learning more about weed control for your lawn? Explore our website to learn more about the many professional lawn care services offered here at Fit Turf, and contact our team for professional weed control in Colorado now!