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Grubs can ruin your lawn, and once they’ve infiltrated your space, it may feel like they’re there to stay. Because many people don’t know about these pesky insects until they’ve already done their damage, the average homeowner doesn’t take the proper steps to prevent against them — and that’s where Fit Turf comes in.


The experts at Fit Turf know exactly the type of damage that grubs can cause in Colorado communities, and we have years of experience in both preventing them and treating grub infestations. Here are some things to know about grubs and tips for dealing with them in your lawn.


  • Grubs are insects that feed on the roots of your lawn. Because they do most of their damage beneath the surface of the soil, many people don’t even realize that they have them.
  • Grubs lay eggs that hatch around July. This means that the majority of their activity occurs from August to October, when they come out to dine on the roots of your lawn.
  • One easy way to tell if you have grubs is by simply looking at your grass. If you notice dead patches in the lawn (especially during the late summer), it’s likely due to a grub infestation.
  • Because other animals, such as raccoons, birds, and skunks, feed on grubs, you may also have an entirely different infestation to deal with as well: a small animal infestation! If you notice a lot more rodents and birds nosing around your lawn, it could be because they’re digging for grubs in the soil.
  • The best way to get rid of grubs is by preventing their infestation in the first place. Fit Turf does this by administering a preventative treatment, which kills the immature grubs and stops their population from growing.
  • Fit Turf recommends administering this preventative grub treatment in early to mid-summer, when grubs are at the right age to target.
  • Strangely enough, keeping your lawn healthy is also a great way to ward off grubs. By maintaining a dense root system, you can make sure that your lawn will survive a minor grub infestation and stay strong against dead patches of grass.