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Winter Mite Control by Fit Turf is designed to combat winter mites in a safe and effective way all for an affordable price.


Winter Mites and How They Feed on Your Lawn

A winter mite’s life cycle is essentially hidden from your view, which is why it’s so difficult to identify an infestation before it’s too late. Winter is feeding season for the mites who take this time to reach adulthood and prepare for laying their eggs. In the spring, typically around April, the mites lay their eggs on the dead grass before the adult mites die. The fall and winter months are when you’ll see the most activity from these insects.


In the late fall, the winter mite eggs will hatch. As the larvae grow, they feed on the grass blades, depleting them of their water and nutrients. As the mites feed on the grass turf, it will begin to yellow, a sign of the diminishing nutrients. The grass then dies, turning a shade of tan brown and lies undiscovered until the following spring.


Spotting Winter Mites

The best time to spot winter mites is in the late fall and winter months. During the day, these mites will be extremely active, but still well hidden from view. With the help of a magnifying glass, inspect your yard. Focus your attention on the base of the blades of grass, near the soil. If your yard is infected, you should see tiny specks of black. These specks are adult winter mites.


As any Colorado native will tell you, winter mites are most likely to settle in and thrive in during winters that are especially warm. Mild winters are often the reason for mite populations in late winter rising dramatically. Areas facing west or south are more likely to have mites due to the sun exposure. Courtyards surrounded by glass or surfaces that can reflect the sunlight onto the lawn are also at risk.


Winter Mite Control

A wealth of experience in the lawn care industry treating Colorado lawns affected by this very problem tells us that the most effective solution is miticide. The miticide treatment Fit Turf uses is applied in four stages to secure a complete eradication of winter mites.


Fit Turf serves Colorado lawns. If your home or business is located in the Detroit area, then contact us to schedule a free assessment. Fit Turf’s lawn care experts will determine the damage done to your lawn and give you a breakdown of what solutions are available to you.


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