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Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by your lawn? Or maybe you’re just tired of the DIY fads and would rather trust the maintenance of your prize-worthy curb appeal to the professionals. Either way, Fit Turf is here for you! We specialize in a wide range of lawn care services that deal with any and every yard-care issue under the sun. Our expert knowledge of the best turf maintenance practices, and top quality equipment and treatments, will have your lawn green and healthy in no time.

Lawn Care Services: A Happy, Healthy Lawn

Depending on the level of turf care you need, you can choose a full service package like the Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program or select certain aspects of our available turf services.


Mechanical Aeration: Otherwise known as core aeration, this is a crucial way of creating space for root growth, deterring turf compaction, and promoting the circulation of nutrients and moisture in the soil.


Liquid Aeration: Unlike mechanical aeration, liquid aeration uses a solution called SoilTech to reduce soil compaction by creating tiny pores in the soil to encourage moisture-absorption.


Grub Prevention: Grubs are known to feed on the roots of grass blades. Our experts will help you build a lawn that’s more resilient to grub feedings and deter infestations.


The Best of Weed and Pest Control

We have an extensive list of weed control and pest control options, including our highly effective Mosquito Heat program. These programs typically involve spot treatments, blanket treatments and perimeter applications of our weed and pest control solutions. Since we’re strong advocates of taking preventative measures, we invest our time in removing infestations and double-down our efforts towards making sure these issues never corrupt your lawn again. Building on that idea, we make an extra effort to use products that are safe for the environment and that won’t harm the ecosystem of your garden.



Trees and Shrubs Need Care, Too

Most homeowners are unaware of the care required to preserve the wellbeing of the trees and shrubs that grow on their property. While trimming and shaping are certainly a part of caring for these plants, there’s a lot more to it than that. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about these wonderful boosters of curb appeal before it’s too late. Trees and shrubs need to be given the proper nutrients and moisture to ensure they remain healthy and lush. They also need to be protected against harmful diseases and insect damage. Winter watering, deep root water, insect and disease spraying, IPS beetle prevention and micro nutrient trunk injections are just a few of the many services we offer that specially target tree and shrubbery care.


Whether you’re looking for the whole works of turf services or just a lawn aeration professional, you’ve come to the right place! At Fit Turf we strive to give first class care their lawns and gardens deserve. We aim to provide personalized professional care that won’t break your budget. Call us to schedule a free diagnostic evaluation of your yard or garden.

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Fit Turf offers a wide range of services to keep your lawn healthy and looking great.