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Tree & Shrub Watering with Yucca

Searching for an “outdoor plant watering service near me”? Your search ends here. At Fit Turf, our professionals provide efficient and effective tree and shrub watering services to help property owners save and water bills and keep their plants healthy year-round. When you partner with our team, we don’t just water your plants. We infuse them with a specially-formulated solution containing yucca plant extract to help them absorb and retain water better than ever. Learn more about the many advantages of yucca plant watering with our team below.


Yucca Plant Watering Services With Fit Turf: The Right Choice for Your Trees and Shrubs


No matter where you live, your plants need water. However, some tree and shrub species use water less efficiently than others. On the most efficient end of the spectrum is the yucca plant, a desert shrub than survives for months at a time without water. Saponin, an ingredient found in yuccas, plays a big role in their remarkable water absorption and retention capabilities. At Fit Turf, our technicians have isolated this incredible ingredient and use it our tree and shrub watering services. This allows the plants we water to help themselves through increased water absorption and retention capabilities. In turn, you’re able to water less and enjoy the benefits of healthy plants on your property. To learn more about our yucca watering services, contact our team today!


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