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There’s nothing worse than cutting a beautiful summer night of barbecuing and relaxing in the garden short because mosquitoes are aggravating your guests. Stop relying on products and old wives’ tales that never work. It’s time to fix this problem for good with Mosquito Heat, the unbeatable mosquito control program from Fit Turf.

Why Are There so Many Mosquities in My Yard?

Mosquitoes are annoying pests that usually don’t do any more than pepper the skin with irritating bites. But sometimes, a mosquito bite can be dangerous. These pests are also known to carry deadly diseases like the chikungunya virus. To protect yourself from exposing yourself and your family from these mosquito-borne illnesses, it’s important to be aware of what attracts mosquitoes to your yard.


Standing Water: Still water is the preferred breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even a half an inch of water is enough for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, which typically hatch within eight to ten days.


Carbon Dioxide: Your attractiveness to mosquitoes can actually be impacted by how often you exhale. The release of carbon dioxide help mosquitoes zero-in on their food sources.


Heat: Mosquitos thrive in hot, humid environments and they have a unique ability to hone in on hot spots, which is what attracts them to humans in the first place.


Mosquito Heat Treatment: A Professional Solution to Mosquito Control

Fit Turf’s Mosquito Heat Program is designed to effectively keep mosquitoes away from your yard or outdoor event for up to three weeks. During a quick visit to your home our experts will apply a treatment of our “Mosquito Magic” solution in a fine mist around the borders of your property. This mist is like a barrier that prevents and controls mosquito populations. The barrier discourages mosquitoes from approaching the area and as a result all of the space inside the barrier. Think of it as a giant invisible mosquito net.


Planning a Party? Mosquito Proof It!

We all know summer time is the season for outdoor festivities. Weddings, cookouts, reunions, graduation parties, birthdays — you name it, Fit Turf can make sure your event is mosquito-free. We’ll do a general sweep of the venue and identify any mosquito hotspots. Then, we’ll administer our Mosquito Magic mist on all borders just like we would for a lawn or garden.

Hosting an outdoor event in the Metro-Denver area? If you’re interested in a mosquito-free summer and you’re located in this area, call us today and ask about our free evaluation service!


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