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Taking proper care of your trees in the springtime is essential for maximizing their health and ensuring the safety of your property as a whole. In addition to proper feeding and watering, you’ll also want to stay on top of tree trimming in the spring. This will facilitate the right amount of tree growth and prevent any unwanted breakage or falling that could damage your property. Below, our experts at Fit Turf have put together a short guide on tree trimming in the spring. Read on to learn more, and contact our professionals for comprehensive outdoor yard services in the greater Denver, CO area!


Stay on Top of Tree Growth in the Spring


Springtime is when tree growth begins in earnest. By trimming your trees in late winter just before spring begins, you will be able to mitigate excessive growth while still ensuring that your trees stay lush and green throughout the warmer season. In a typical Colorado calendar year, ideal tree trimming times will usually occur during February or early March.


Don’t Over-Trim


While trimming is important in preventing overgrowth and keeping trees healthy, too much trimming is a bad thing — for both your property and your trees. Contrary to what many believe, trimming actually facilitates tree growth. When done in moderation, this can be a good thing. However, over-trimming results in the stimulation of rapid, dense growth that can weaken your trees’ natural defenses, making them more susceptible to disease and breakage. The practice of “topping” — excessively trimming the top of a tree — should be avoided altogether. Like excessive trimming, topping can lead to overgrowth, reduced disease- and pest-resistance and tree decay.


Always Hire a Professional


Trees are tall and tough. This makes trimming them both risky and difficult — especially if you are inexperienced and untrained. By hiring a professional, you will avoid risking your own safety and will reap the rewards of a tree well-trimmed. Here at Fit Turf, we proudly offer tree trimming services to properties in the greater Denver, CO area. With highly-trained and experienced technicians, plus the industry’s most advanced equipment, we are the right choice for your tree-trimming needs. Contact us today!