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Here at Fit Turf, we are proud to offer comprehensive lawn and tree care services to properties in the greater Denver, CO area. Our care programs are specially-tailored to meet your unique demands. In this guide, we provide step-by-step overviews of our year-round lawn and tree care programs. Read on to learn more, and contact our team today!


The Spring: Where it All Starts


Spring rolls around at roughly the same time of the year in Colorado. Lawns need attentive care throughout the spring season to ensure that they grow green and healthy throughout the warmer months. We begin our early spring treatment with an application of specially-designed slow-release fertilizer, tailored to meet the needs of your turf.


Several weeks after spreading slow-release fertilizer, we apply powerful Spring BioGreen® liquid fertilizer to stimulate growth at the root level. We will also apply a pre-emergent (Dimension® 2EW) for proactive weed control, a post-emergent broadleaf herbicide (TRIMEC® 992) for broadleaf weed extermination and a spreading/sticking agent (INDUCE®) for additional weed control.


In late spring/early summer, we spread another round of slow-release fertilizer — this blend specially-formulated to release with hotter temperatures. Broadleaf herbicide TRIMEC® 992 is applied again to address any weeds that have cropped up during April and May.


Summer Treatments


To keep lawns healthy and looking great throughout the long, hot summer months, our professionals administer a number of treatments specially-designed for Colorado lawns.


For Colorado lawns, we begin summer treatment with the application of an additional slow-release fertilizer (Hydro-Wet TG™ 25-0-12) to help lawns get the nutrients they need during the dry seasons. We supplement this fertilizer application by spraying the broadleaf herbicide TRIMEC® 992 to take care of weeds that may have grown during the longer summer days.


In the late summer, Colorado lawns are also treated with a specialty blend of liquid fertilizers — BioGreen® and MICROS™ Turf 20-0-0.5 Concentrate — and weed control agents — INDUCE® and TRIMEC®. We also treat lawns with the weed control agent Quinclorac 75 DF during the late summer months. Quinclorac 75 DF pellets are primarily used to control crabgrass, but are effective at eliminating a host of other weeds, including clover, foxtail, dandelion, dollar weed and more.


Fall and Winter Feeding and Weed Control


During the start of the fall season, we apply region-specific slow-release granular fertilizers to supply lawns with another round of nutrients and minerals. We also apply one final round of TRIMEC® 992 to take care of any weeds that may have survived the summer. Before the winter sets in, we spread one more round of slow-release granular fertilizers to ensure that lawns are well-fed throughout the colder months.


Aeration and Over-Seeding Services


To help lawns in Colorado stay as healthy and full as possible, our professionals here at Fit Turf proudly offer scheduled aeration and over-seeding services. In the spring and summer seasons, we use highly-effective liquid aeration to improve lawns’ mineral- and nutrient-absorption capabilities. Then, in the late summer, we combine classic aeration with a round of over-seeding to ensure that grass grows back thick and green for the year to come.


Tree Care


In addition to our comprehensive lawn care programs, we also offer a host of tree care services to keep trees in Colorado as healthy as possible. Our Fit Tree™ + Shrub Care Program incorporates a collection of nutrient-boosters — including Mauget® Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc™ — as well as insect and fungus control agents — including Mauget® ArborFos™ to keep trees health year-round. Our Fit Tree™ + Shrub Care Program also includes winterization treatment, deep tree root watering and a host of region-specific treatments. You can learn more about these, as well as more of our region-specific lawn treatments, in the following sections.


Turf Fungicide and Winter Mite Control (Colorado Only)


The turf fungus Necrotic Ring Spot is a disease found in Colorado. To address Necrotic Ring Spot our technicians apply the solid fungicide Pillar™G and the liquid fungicide Eagle®20EW. To take care of winter mites, another Colorado-specific problem, we apply both BaseLine® Insecticide and INDUCE®.


Tree Insect Prevention and Control (Colorado Only)


As many Colorado residents know, the Rocky Mountain State is home to a number of insect pests that ravage and destroy trees of all kinds. Among these insect pests are IPS/Pine Bark beetles, emerald ash borers and lilac ash borers — to name just a few. At Fit Turf, we offer specialized treatments for controlling and preventing these pests in Colorado trees.


Mosquito Control


Nobody wants mosquitoes. Not only are these insect pests a major nuisance — they also carry diseases such as West Nile Virus that pose serious health risks for humans. To address mosquito problems on commercial and residential properties, our team sprays the effective and eco-friendly insecticide CYONARA 9.7™. (This can also be used in tandem with other insecticide products such as BaseLine® INSECTICIDE for the treatment of fleas and ticks.)


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To learn more about our comprehensive treatments for Denver, CO lawns, contact our professionals here at Fit Turf today!