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Learning Center: Fall Deep Root Feeding


The fall months are a crucial time for trees and shrubs. Nutrients in the soil are getting scarce after a long summer, and without proper fertilization, your trees could be at risk during the cold winter months. Use Fit Turf’s guide to learn more about deep root feeding in the fall can help your trees stay strong all winter.


A Direct Feed


The Deep Root Feeding consists of a slow-release fertilizer with nitrogen for growth, phosphorous for bud development, potassium for root growth and dormant season protection, and iron for overall health and color. The fertilizer is injected under high pressure into the accessible root zone of the plants, where absorption occurs. We inject down into the soil, in turf areas, and soil drench in rock and mulch beds, to avoid puncturing weed barriers or drip lines.


When to Feed


We offer Deep Root Fertilization during the fall, winter and early spring months. During this period, the soil temperature is ideal for winter storage of those nutrients, ready to use for the next spring’s growth. This service is most works best when there is some moisture present. Any snow is present during application is beneficial because plants cannot use the fertilizer without adequate water. Research has shown that most trees take up nitrogen in the largest quantities in late fall as plants are entering dormancy.


Plants Excluded


Plants with inaccessible root zones, plants with unregulated growth, fruit trees, Russian olives, cottonwoods, scrub oak, and other native plants.


If you’re looking for deep root feeding services in the greater Denver area, then contact the professional technicians at Fit Turf. We’ll take care of all your fall fertilization needs so your trees will look better than ever the following spring.