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If you live in Colorado, you’ve likely seen the devastation caused by emerald ash borers firsthand. Since the first documented cases of infestation in the state in 2013, Emerald ash borers have been responsible for the death and decay of hundreds of thousands of trees. As their name suggests, these invasive insects make their homes inside ash trees and feed on their transportation tissues, disrupting trees’ ability to absorb and transport nutrients. This ultimately leads to death and decay for infested trees. As of now, no treatment for existing infestations has been found. However, a proven emerald ash borer prevention treatment has been developed — and we are proud to administer it here at Fit Turf. Read on to learn more, and protect your trees from emerald ash borers now!


Our Emerald Ash Borer Prevention Services

At Fit Turf, our insect control technicians use Mauget Imicide chemical injections to prevent emerald ash borer infestations from spreading to new Colorado trees. Our emerald ash borer treatment begins with several 4-6-inch holes drilled into the base of the tree. Then, we insert a plastic nose into each hole, through which we pass an Imicide capsule. Imicide’s active ingredient Imidacloprid is a proven emerald ash borer deterrent. To learn more about emerald ash borer prevention and schedule a tree servicing from our professionals here at Fit Turf, contact us today!


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