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Planting a tree on your property? You’ll want to be sure that you give it enough water — especially if you live in desert climate. To maximize your tree’s water retention and ensure that it stays hydrated without draining your utility bill, we recommend our revolutionary ThermX deep root watering treatment. Formulated with saponin, an ingredient found in the yucca plant, ThermX both hydrates trees and increases their water-absorption and retention abilities. Learn more about the many benefits of ThermX below, and schedule treatment with our team today!


Maximizing Your Tree’s Water Absorption and Retention

ThermX is a highly-effective deep tree watering treatment that helps trees help themselves. Not only does ThermX hydrate trees, it also enables trees to absorb and retain water better than ever. This increases their efficiency, improves their disease resistance and health overall — and saves you money on your water bill. The secret is ThermX’s active ingredient saponin, a chemical found in the yucca plant that allows it to thrive in a low-water desert climate. Taking our cue from yucca plant care, we’re proud to bring the magic of yucca plants to all trees with ThermX. For this revolutionary treatment and other tree and shrub care in Colorado, contact our team today!


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