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Fit Turf + Shrub Care Program

Want the best for your trees and shrubs? Enroll them in our Fit Turf tree and shrub care program here at Fit Turf! When you sign up for this comprehensive program, our professionals provide industry-leading, year-round care to trees and larger shrubs on your property. Learn more about all that our Fit Turf program entails below.

T/S General Sprays

5 Foliar Sprays during the growing season


Targets: Defoliators, leaf feeding beetles, Insects and mites that feed with sucking mouthparts, gall making insects and mites, scale insects. We target pest insects that cause potential risk to the health of the tree or shrub, while being careful not to spray plants that have beneficial insects on them. We use 3-4 different pesticides, from different pesticide families to prevent pest resistance, to provide the best control.



Dormant Oil Sprays

Applied before spring bud break, and again in the fall after the leaves have fallen


Dormant oils are applied during plant dormancy in order to deal with insect and mite pests that survive the winter in overwintering life-stages, such as eggs or mature females. The advantages of applying dormant oils include: 1) a wide range of activity against most species of mites and scales—even the eggs; 2) minimal potential for resistance developing in insect and/or mite pest populations; 3) less direct and indirect harmful effects to beneficial insects and predatory mites compared to pesticides with long-residual activity.


We Spray only deciduous plants: Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Shrubs, Ornamentals and Foliage Plants.



Deep Root Feeding

Available fall-early spring


The Deep Root Feeding consists of a slow-release fertilizer with nitrogen for growth, phosphorous for bud development, potassium for root growth and winter protection and iron for overall health and color. The fertilizer is injected under high pressure into the accessible root zone of the plants, where absorption occurs. We inject down into the soil, in turf areas, and soil drench in rock and mulch beds, to avoid puncturing weed barriers or drip lines.


PLANTS EXCLUDED: plants with inaccessible root zones, plants with unregulated growth, apple trees, Russian olives, cottonwoods, scrub oak, and other native plants.


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