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Plant it and it will grow. Unfortunately, having a lush green lawn that is the envy of all the neighborhood isn’t as simple as just planting seeds and turning on the sprinkler. A lot of factors and work go into making grass grow. Let’s not forget the elements that conspire to undo all of your hard work like weeds, mites, grubs and of course Mother Nature. Yes, too much or too little rain as well as dramatic temperatures can all take their toll on your lovely lawn.


However, don’t fret. Fit Turf is here to help you. Fit Turf is a lawn, tree and pest service that is available in the Colorado area. Our company was founded by Paul Wagner in 2008, bringing more than 30 years of lawn care experience to the table. However, even if you don’t live in the state, you can still partake in the wisdom we’ve garnered after our numerous years in the business. offers a complete website that provides visitors with tips and resources that help you grow the grass that your next door neighbor secretly covets and you crave. Forget navigating the web. Everything and anything that you need to know about lawn care is right here at Fit Turf and it’s only a click away.


Take a peek at Fit Turf’s Learning Center for numerous guides that can answer questions about your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs. You’ll find resources on drought, tree planting, tree care and more. Fit Turf also provides Lawn Care Tips that answers the basics like when to water, fertilize and aerate. You’ll find the solutions to the common lawn questions that most homeowners struggle with.


Let Fit Turf’s detailed array of lawn care education resources and tips put you on the way to cultivating the fabulous grass you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re trying to figure out what’s eating your grass or when the best time to plant a new lawn is, you will discover the answers and guidelines you need at