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How to Plant Trees

We can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to plant trees — they help to purify the air, they’re great for preventing soil erosion, they can provide food depending on the variety and they help to increase your home’s property value. The question isn’t why should you plant trees, it’s how to plant trees — and we’re here to help walk you through the steps.


Step One: Make sure that you’re aware of all utility lines that run underneath your property before you plant a tree. Damaging one of these lines can result in anything from an inconvenience to death.


Step Two: Identify what is called the “trunk flare” of your tree, which is where the trunk begins to branch out into the root system. You’ll want to make sure that this is visible after you’ve planted the tree.


Step Three: Dig a hole that is two- to three-times the size of the root ball, but only as deep as the root ball.


Step Four: Remove the wire, plastic, cardboard or other wrapping that is currently around the root ball. Place the root ball into the hole you dug, taking care to make sure the trunk flare does not fall below the soil line.


Step Five: Step back and make sure your tree is angled straight into the air, then fill the hole with the soil that you removed earlier. To remove any air pockets, pat the soil as you fill the hole and apply water so that the different layers of soil can better combine together.


Step Six: Apply mulch of your desired appearance around the base of the tree — this will help to seal in moisture while also keeping weeds at bay.


Step Seven: Water your tree once a week or more if you live in a particularly hot or harsh climate. The soil should be kept moist without becoming soggy.


Now that you’ve planted your beautiful tree, you’ll want to get set up with Fit Turf’s Fit Tree program to help make sure your new addition grows into the beautiful tree of which you’ve been dreaming.