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How Long Does It Take for Grass to Grow?

You’ve prepared the soil, spread the grass seed, set up a watering schedule… and now, you wait. Much like a watched pot, it can seem like the more impatient you are for your grass to grow, the slower it will make an appearance. Fit Turf is here to help you take the guesswork out of wondering “how long does it take for grass to grow?” While it is hard to say exactly when your grass will sprout because of different environmental influences and the particular type of seed you used, we can give you a good idea on when to expect those first bright green shoots to start making an appearance.


How to Water New Grass Seed

In order for your grass seed to grow, you have to supply it with moisture. Without water, your seeds won’t be able to germinate and turn into that lush green lawn you’ve been dreaming of. But it’s not as simple as dumping a bunch of water on the ground and calling it a day — too much water, and you’ll wash the seed away, too little water, and your seeds won’t sprout. It’s best to set a timer for a twice-per-day watering schedule (or up to three times per day, depending on weather conditions) and position the sprinklers to do a nice and spread-out mist so that one area isn’t getting so much that it causes runoff. When deciding how long to water your new grass seed for, err on the side of at least 15 minutes per “zone” in your sprinkler system — you want to make sure that each seed is sufficiently watered rather than only applying enough water to get the exterior hull wet. You’ll need to keep your grass seed moist nearly constantly until it begins to grow, otherwise the seed will die. Once your grass seed has sprouted, you can generally reduce your watering schedule to once per day and then to several times per week once your grass is fully established.


When Will my Grass Sprout?

Now that you’ve got your watering schedule worked out, the waiting game begins. Each day, you glance out the window hoping to see those bright green shoots popping up, and how long you’ll have to wait depends on the variety of grass seed you’ve planted. The timeframe is generally between five and 30 days, depending on your particular variety, with that timeframe extending a bit longer if you live in a cooler climate. Remember to keep your grass seed moist, reduce yard traffic to a minimum — especially if you have pets — and be patient, because your grass is on the way!


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