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Turf Mite Control Services

Here in Colorado, lawn care needs continue during the fall and winter months. In the fall and winter, your turf can easily fall victim to turf mites. The dormant eggs laid in the spring hatch in the fall, and gnaw on the surface of the grass blades, sucking up the juicy contents into late spring. These mites are small, only visible with a magnifying glass while they feed during the day. Once mites have found residence on your lawn and begin to feast, the grass blades will have small yellow speckles. As the damage increases, the grass becomes tan in color, showing signs of die-back. Severe damage is more prevelent during warm winters. It’s nearly impossible to notice mite damage in a lawn until spring green-up, since lawns remain dormant during the colder months.

The best way to prevent mite damage in your lawn is to water during the fall and winter months (mites despise moisture!), and schedule the Fit Turf™ Mite Control Program. Fit Turf’s 6-Step Mite Control Program prevents potential damage, and controls active mites.


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