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Turf Disease & Fungus Treatment

Here at Fit Turf, we are familiar with the various signs and symptoms associated with the common diseases here in Colorado. We offer a 4-Step Turf Disease Treatment Program, with the aid of fungicides. Fungicides work by inhibiting pathogen germination, growth or reproduction, or are lethal to the pathogen. We also provide guidance with what other steps should be taken by the homeowner, since the use of fungicides are commonly only one of the steps needed to aid in turf disease management.



The use of fungicides does not offset the effects from improper watering, mowing height and frequency, thatch accumulation, poor soil, or improper turf grass species. Cultural control is often just as important as the application of fungicides when a lawn is suffering from disease.


  • Fertilizer: turf grass diseases are greatly influenced by the level of nitrogen. Some diseases require higher levels of N in order to aid in turfgrass recovery, while other diseases may thrive from excess N.
  • Mowing: Dull mower blades create shredded edges that are a good entry point for pathogens. It’s important mower blades are sharpened at least once a year.
  • Irrigation: avoid irrigation in the evening, which could prolong natural leaf wetness. Many pathogens require extended periods of wetness in order to infect the turf grass.


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