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Organic Fertilization

In addition to our lawn programs, we offer organic lawn fertilization as an option to homeowners. The focus of this 7 step program is on soil health, preserving natural resources, and avoiding synthetic additives. The organic lawn approach is a holistic approach to landscaping that restores and enhances biological cycles involving microorganisms, plants, and animals.


When choosing to go organic, it’s important to remember that there will be weeds, unless you would like us to include weed control. Another thing to consider, is that when switching to organic, you may not notice immediate results like you would with other fertilizers. More time and effort is often associated with organic lawns. This means additional tuning in to what your lawn needs, like watering and mowing schedules, and pulling weeds.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed or still not sure that an organic lawn care plan is for you, give the tree and lawn care professionals at Fit Turf a call. They will discuss your needs, and recommend a lawn care approach that’s customized just for you.


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