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Liquid Aeration

If you don’t want to wait until fall for a mechanical aeration, or just hate the mess of mechanical aeration plugs, we have a solution! Our liquid aeration services will dramatically shift your soil profile, playing a huge role in lawn health. This service was developed to reduce the effects of soil compaction in a more effective way than a mechanical aerations. The liquid aeration creates microscopic pores in the soil so that it will act like a sponge when exposed to moisture.



  • More effective at reducing soil compaction; instead of poking larger holes sporadically, liquid aeration opens up tiny holes throughout the soil, so it’s more conducive to increased water flow.
  • Improved water retention; because the soil becomes like a sponge after liquid aeration, it’s much better at holding water in places where it needs the most moisture.
  • Decreased water use: When the soil holds water in better, it doesn’t dry out as quickly. That means you’ll use less water during the hot months of summer.
  • Healthier lawn roots: Because the soil is less compacted, the roots of your lawn are able to grow deeper and stronger.
  • The green method of liquid aeration introduces only biodegradable materials to your lawn.


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