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FAQs: BioGreen Fertilizer

1. Are Bio Green fertilizers safe for children and pets?

Yes. Bio Green’s patent pending formulas are a blend of liquid food grade fertilizer, plant nutrients and soil amendments. All of our ingredients are safe for children and pets with no wait time after spraying, so our users are free to enjoy their lawns and landscapes immediately after the fertilizer has been applied.

2. Are Bio Green fertilizers safe for the environment?

Yes. Bio Green USA is committed to the preservation and protection of our environment from the pollutants associated with synthetic fertilizer and the over-use of pesticides and herbicides. We strive to nurture the soil and promote the healthy productive plant life of residential lawns, home gardens, professional turf grasses and agricultural crops. All of our ingredients are environmentally-friendly and are designed to produce outstanding results without the harmful side effects of pollutants.


Aside from caring for the soil, we also care about our waterways. Bio Green’s environmentally-friendly fertilizer products are designed to reduce the nutrient and pollutant run-off into one of our most precious resources.


Many Florida Counties have implemented fertilizer ordinances including “blackout periods” aimed at reducing nutrient run-off pollution during the rainy seasons and Bio Green has a fertilizer that is exempt from these ordinances because of its composition.

3. Are Bio Green fertilizer products safe to use near waterways (ocean, lakes, and rivers)?

Yes. Bio Green is a bio-based natural product and is environmentally-friendly. By using our products, you are actually contributing to the health and well-being of your neighbors downstream by choosing a natural fertilizer that is not high in Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which are known to contribute to decline in the quality of our natural water resources.

4. Do Bio Green fertilizers work as well as chemical fertilizers?

In fact, bio-based fertilizers work even better than traditional, chemical fertilizers. Bio Green’s natural fertilizer contains the macro and micro nutrients that are necessary for healthy plant development as well as the development of a healthy soil food web, which is essential for building topsoil.


By using our bio-based fertilizers, you allow your landscape to flourish the way nature intended. You will notice improved color, longer lasting blooms, significant growth to trees, shrubs and flowers, and higher yielding-vegetable gardens.

5. Does it take longer for natural bio-based fertilizers to work than synthetic chemical fertilizers?

You will notice a response to our application within a week after your landscape service. Compared to the faster response seen after synthetic fertilizers are used, it will take a few days longer to see the initial results, but our system works with the slow-release of the nutrients that your turf needs, and focuses on the healthy development of your topsoil, which is essential is maintaining a lush, green landscape. Because BioGreen products use a slow-release system to provide continuous nutrition to your landscape, it will show less signs of stress than a typical chemically fertilized landscape.

6. Do Bio Green natural fertilizer products have an odor like synthetic fertilizers?

No. There is no chemical odor associated with Bio Green like there can be with synthetic fertilizers and many organic fertilizers. Bio Green has an earthy aroma.

7. What does it mean that Bio Green products are a part of the USDA BioPreferred® Program?

The USDA BioPreferred® program was created by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 and later expanded by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008. The goal of the program is to “increase the purchase and use of renewable, environmentally friendly bio-based products while providing “green” jobs and new markets for farmers, manufacturers, and vendors.”


Being a part of this program means that our products have been placed on a list of designated items, or generic groupings, of bio-based products that are required for purchase by Federal agencies and their contractors based on the fact that they have a more benign effect on the environment, are biodegradable, and have lower disposal and cleanup costs in comparison to the products they replace.

8. Is it more expensive to use Bio Green rather than a synthetic chemical fertilizer?

No. Bio Green is comparable to the cost of the leading brand name chemical fertilizers.

9. Don’t I need synthetic chemicals to treat crabgrass and lawn disease?

Crabgrass, insects and lawn diseases are in the category called pest control. Not unlike fertilizers, there are synthetic chemicals and non-toxic pest control products. As part of our standard service offering, Bio Green Service Providers follow Least Toxic Pesticide BMPs (Best Management Practices). This results in a 50% to 75% reduction in the amount of pest control chemicals applied than most competitors. Non-toxic pest control is available as an option for customers. The cost for non-toxic pest control products is considerably higher than the cost for chemical products so there is an increased cost for non-toxic pest control service.

10. What are the benefits of switching to Bio Green fertilizers from conventional chemical fertilizers?

Aside from the safety benefits for you and your family from choosing a bio-based fertilizer, Bio Green products are blended specifically for the nutritional needs of plants and the environment. The nutrients and amendments are available to the soil and plants immediately when applied and continually through slow release and soil activity. Additionally, where chemical fertilizers tend to diminish the health of soil over time, Bio Green fertilizers promote healthy plant life by restoring properly balanced soil biology.

11. When too much of a chemical fertilizer is sprayed on my lawn or landscape, it can burn the grass. Will this happen if too much of a Bio Green product is applied?

Bio Green products will not burn your lawn or landscape. The high rates of Nitrogen and/or the salts used to bind the plant nutrients in chemical fertilizers are typically the cause of a chemical burn. Because Bio Green products are bio-based and our application rates reduce the amount of Nitrogen applied to the lawn in an application by 70%, your lawn will no longer be at risk of chemical burn.