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Must-Have Outdoor Tools and Equipment – Fit Turf

Pictured are a few of our must have outdoor tools and equipment including a lawn mower, pruners, and a string trimmer.

Summer has arrived in Colorado, and it’s time to ensure your outdoor living space looks its best. To boost your curb appeal, you need the right tools and equipment for the job. Maintaining your lawn and garden can be challenging without proper gear.

Survey results show high praise for various hand tools. Let’s dive in and explore these necessary outdoor tools to keep your space in top shape! 

1. Shovels

These tools are indispensable for various outdoor tasks like transporting soil, uprooting weeds, and planting trees or shrubs. Upgraded with fiberglass shafts for lighter weight and enhanced with wide steps and improved grips, they offer better control and increased leg power. 

However, not all shovels are equal. Different types excel at specific jobs. Here are the four shovels for everyday lawn tasks. 

  1. Round-point shovels for hard soil feature a broad metal pan and rounded bottom edge and excel at digging holes and moving materials. 
  2. Trowels are ideal for gardening and weeding but may not provide superior wrist positioning despite ergonomic labeling. 
  3. Spade shovels with a straight edge are perfect for lawn edging, digging trenches, and transplanting shrubs. 
  4. Hybrid options combine features of a round shovel and spade and are excellent for shoveling loose landscape materials like mulch and gravel. 

Consider the value of digging forks with their four sturdy metal tines. They are the preferred choice for loosening garden soil or turning the compost.

2. Lawn Mower

There are two main types: push mowers and riding mowers. Each has its unique cutting mechanisms, maneuverability, and maintenance requirements. Your lawn size will determine which one suits you best. 

Regular servicing ensures it functions appropriately. Always turn off the motor before inspecting or repairing the equipment. Use a stick or broom handle, not your hands or feet, to clear debris. 

Maintaining the mower also includes checking and changing the oil, air filter, spark plug, and blade sharpening. Dull blades can damage your lawn. 

Be mindful of the terrain and remove obstacles before mowing to prevent accidents. Corded electric mowers are slightly better than battery-powered ones, although they tend to have a higher overall cost than gas-powered ones. 

3. Garden Gloves

Protect your hands while gardening, landscaping, or tending to your lawn with a reliable pair of garden gloves. These gloves shield your hands from thorns, splinters, blisters, and stubborn dirt, keeping your fingers and nails safe. 

Moreover, they prevent the soil from drying out your skin. Garden gloves protect against harmful organisms lurking in the ground, compost, or manure.

For maximum protection, consider gloves made of leather, nylon, spandex, or with a polyurethane coating. Leather gauntlet gloves are ideal for heavy-duty tasks and rose or tree pruning. Gauntlets extend towards your elbow, providing extra protection for your wrists and forearms.

Invest in garden gloves to ensure a pleasant and safe gardening experience. Your hands will thank you!

4. Wheelbarrow

No more backbreaking lifting— the wheelbarrow makes transporting heavy objects a breeze. It’s perfect for carrying soil, mulch, rocks, and debris.

Imagine this: you have a load of leaves, mulch, plant flats, or cinder blocks to move around your yard. Don’t strain yourself; get a wheelbarrow! It’s your gardening partner, allowing you to carry larger and heavier loads easily.

The wheelbarrow is versatile too. Use it for mixing potting soil, screening compost, or making small concrete batches for repairs. It’s a multi-purpose tool for all your gardening needs.

When buying a wheelbarrow, consider your lawn’s requirements. For smaller tasks, a lightweight plastic wheelbarrow will suffice. However, go for sturdy steel for heavy-duty projects for added stability.

The best wheelbarrows offer excellent balance and control. They maneuver smoothly around corners and obstacles, even when fully loaded with sand and gravel.

Say goodbye to backaches and enjoy effortless gardening with the wheelbarrow by your side. Happy gardening, folks!

5. String Trimmer

The string trimmer, a weed-wacker or weed-eater, is a must-have landscaping tool. It quickly reaches tight spots your mower can’t handle. Trim around fences, trees, rocks, and garden beds effortlessly. Attachments are available to tackle thick weeds and brush. Remember, accidents happen fast and can be dangerous. Hire professionals for complex tasks. Always cut away from yourself to avoid flying projectiles. Before trimming, clear the area of debris and watch out for hazards like holes. Keep safety a priority while transforming your yard with this versatile tool!

6. Pruners

Grab a pair of pruners if you’re ready to take your gardening game to the next level. These handy gardening scissors are versatile and can assist with various lawn tasks. Use them to trim plant stems and tree branches and even for floral touch-ups.

Regular pruning preserves the health and structure of bushes and trees. It ensures a safe environment and enhances the aesthetic value of your garden. 

And remember, our team is here to provide expert advice and support whenever needed. Our professionals offer industry-leading, year-round care for your property’s trees and larger shrubs to make things easier. 

7. Leaf Blower

Forget the rakes; the powerful leaf blower takes yard cleanup to the next level. They come in three types: 

  • Gas-powered
  • Corded
  • Cordless electric (battery-powered)

You’ll find them in handheld, backpack, and wheeled styles. Choose what suits you best!

Safety first! Grab goggles and a dust mask to protect against flying particles, especially in dry, dusty conditions.

Say goodbye to fall leaves and spring debris—the leaf blower’s got you back. Invest in one today, and let the leaves dance away!

8. Sprinkler

Maintaining a beautiful lawn with a sprinkler system is possible, saving time and effort. Different types of sprinklers include stationary, oscillating, impact, and in-ground systems. By replacing old sprinkler heads with rotary nozzles, water efficiency improves. 

Rebates may be available for eligible models such as Hunter MP®, Rain Bird®, Toro® Precision™, and K-Rain®. 

The goal of landscape irrigation uniformity is to distribute water evenly. While dry spots receive more moisture, over-irrigation occurs in other areas. Highly uniform water application reduces the difference between minimum and maximum wetted areas, benefiting the entire landscape. 

Water bill recipients from Denver Water or qualifying providers may access further rebates!

Revamp Your Lawn Care Routine With Fit Turf

Prepare yourself for your next lawn care project with the right outdoor tools. Colorado gardeners face unique challenges due to the state’s high elevation, intense sunlight, low humidity, rapid weather changes, and diverse soil conditions. 

At Fit Turf, we provide the necessary resources for your success. While our recommended tools can assist homeowners in maintaining their lawn’s appearance, we also offer professional services for advanced treatments like aerationoverseeding, and fertilization and weed control.

Contact us at 7206435853 or visit our services page to connect with a Fit Turf specialist who can design a personalized lawn care plan tailored to your needs.