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Low-Cost Cleanup Gives High-Value Curb Appeal

Weeds, like flowers and virtually any other plant you might find in your garden, have a yearly cycle during which their seeds are dispersed in a localized vicinity. Most homeowners believe a simple spot treatment is enough to ward off an infestation. Others might take a more aggressive approach, and physically uproot these offending plants by hand. By now you’ve probably learned that these methods are only mildly effective at treating the problem. Year after year, weeds return in larger numbers until they’ve completely overtaken your garden.


So, why does weed growth keep happening?

How Weed Infestations Happen

Weeds tend to be among the most resilient breeds of plants. Manually pulling out weeds isn’t enough to stop an infestation because of seeding. Each breed of weed has its own growth cycle and seeding cycle that begins at different points during the year. The unpredictability and virtually constant cycle of seeding is largely responsible for the exponential growth of weeds.


Root systems can also be a huge factor in weed infestations. While removing the whole plant, root and all, is the right approach, the likelihood of effectively manually removing the entire root system of the weeds is impossible to do without also destroying the root systems of the grass or the other plants in your garden. Any straggling roots that are left behind will inevitably lead to new weed growth.

Your Options for Weed Control

The only truly effective approach to weed control and removal is a targeted system that aims to remove existing weeds as much as it employs preventative measures. Having a weed-free garden is really about stopping weed growth before it happens.


At Fit Turf we use the ‘prevention is best’ philosophy to successfully stop weeds from growing. Our Bed and Border Weed Control Program is specially formulated to pre-treat areas in your garden that have the highest risk of accommodating weed growth. After assessing your yard’s current growth patterns, we’ll apply a special blend of weed control treatments that target the hidden culprits of weed infestations.


The professionals who employ the Bed and Border Weed Control Program are also specially trained to preserve your garden while treating the weeds. Our application techniques will ensure all of the landscaping and gardening efforts you’ve invested in your yard does not go to waste. Annually scheduled professional maintenance can keep your yard weed-free year round and stop new species of weeds from taking root in your lawn.


If you’re spending 90 percent of your time battling weeds instead of enjoying your beautiful garden, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Fit Turf, we use professional grade equipment and treatments that are proven to be effective against even the most extreme infestations of weeds. We can return your yard to its former glory and help keep it that way with our specially designed preventative weed control measures. Denver locals (and suburbs, too): Fit Turf has offices in your region, so if you’re fighting a losing battle with the weeds, give us a call to schedule your free evaluation!


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